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aliveatdusk said: Lost is sooooo good. Did you like the performance he did of it where - I don't know where it was, but I know the stage lights were red and a live orchestra was in the background - that one? I really love watching him sing live, because his emotions are what make most of his performances so outstanding!

Yes, that is one of my favorites! Although the video is kind of hazy, the sound is spectacular, and Hyo Shin’s style is so hot in that one!  I particularly love the glint of his earring when the light hits it (I might have a little thing for dudes with bling in their ears… (^.^)  

Anonymous said: Aw did you not get my ask? I sent it early June.

Are you the one who asked which Park Hyo Shin song is the first one I heard and which one got me hooked?  If so, you are a heart for checking back with me on it.  I did get it and have responded.  Please accept my apologies for responding so late.  Especially since it was one of my most favorite questions ever!  Hugs!

Anonymous said: What was the first Park Hyoshin song you heard? And if it's not the same, which song got you hooked? Hugs!

I always LOVE questions like this because they give me an excuse to fangirl gush even more than usual about the greatness that is Park Hyo Shin!  Although the very first time I heard Park Hyo Shin’s voice was a live radio recording of a duet he performed with Ann (“A Whole New World” from the Disney hit movie Aladdin), if I recall correctly (I feel like it’s been ages even though it’s only been a few years) the first Park Hyo Shin song I heard was “Lost” from the Breeze of the Sea album.  That song just…OMG…it makes me feel things that I can’t even fully explain in words.  Park Hyo Shin’s voice reaches down through my heart all the way to the bottom of my soul and just…fills me up.  I became completely lost in love with Park Hyo Shin’s voice, and in love with the…the…damn it the words truly escape me.  How many songs out there can do this to a person?  Music is the most powerful element in the universe, no?  Please, just experience it for yourself and you will see what I mean (vid below).  There’s probably a heavenly language that has all the right words to describe the experience, but English just falls flat on it’s face for this one.  Hugs right back at cha, and 

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Gummy - Fool (Park Hyo Shin) @ 140618 MBC Shindong’s ShimShimTapa Radio!


Anonymous said: yea, i actually meant what groups don't lip sync


park hyo shin

but, of course.

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I went to two performances in Seoul. Sunday matinee and Tuesday evening. Magnificent. Especially Tuesday evening. Park Hyo Shin is simply wonderful. I also bought 2 CDs at the airport; they were old but put out by Jellyfish. Hope PHS receives some benefit. I just want to pay tribute to his singing. It’s a blessing.

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'모차르트' run-through 박효신 Park Hyo Shin [2014.05.27]

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140614 Mozart opening

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Mozart Musical 6.21.14 at 2pm

It was my first musical ever. Like seriously. I’ve always wanted to go to one but never did…until yesterday. It was AMAZING~! The cast has amazing voices. I got chills and tears. Park Hyo Shin as Mozart too? Like I already loved his voice, so being able to see him act and sing live? Mind blowing. 3 hours of pure awesomeness. I felt the emotions and everything. It was…just my goodness. Words can’t describe my feelings well enough. Also Hyo Shin is so handsome in person. Just….wow.

I have 2 musicals next month. Dracula with Junsu and then Mozart again but to see Park Euntae as Mozart & Keri is coming with for Mozart.

Both are on the same day so as soon as one ends I’ll be rushing to the next. O.o Can’t wait~!

Until next time~

Thanks to this fan for sharing their experience with the rest of us!

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Classic Park Hyo Shin - Yum!

Classic Park Hyo Shin - Yum!

Remember this?  *Ooo La La!*
(this blog was getting a little text-heavy - had to toss up some pics of PHS to keep things entertaining and balanced) ^_^  

Remember this?  *Ooo La La!*

(this blog was getting a little text-heavy - had to toss up some pics of PHS to keep things entertaining and balanced) ^_^  

Park Hyo Shin

Park Hyo Shin Radio on iTunes

Did you know that you can listen to Park Hyo Shin radio on iTunes?  I’ve checked it out, and found it to be pretty cool, playing a mix of Korean R&B and pop tracks from Park Hyo Shin to Lee Seung Gi to SG Wannabe, Brown Eyes, Lyn, K. Will, Kim Bum Soo, G.Na, and many other artists.  You can favorite the songs you like and it will play more like that.  Of course, a convenient button is included at the top for those moments when you hear a song that you absolutely MUST purchase at that very moment. (^_^)  Please check it out and enjoy!

*According to the website, iTunes radio is currently only available in the U.S. and Australia.

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