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Anonymous said: I asked before but you have not answered. Which songs are written by PHS?? Please name some, thanks.

I posted an answer on 9/15. ^_^

The phenomenal “ticket power” of Park Hyo Shin has been proven once again as all 20,000 seats for his upcoming December Concert series “Happy Together” sold out within 10 minutes!  Read more…

Park Hyo Shin celebrates his 15th anniversary in the music biz with a December concert entitled “Happy Together!”  Jellyfish Entertainment tweeted the announcement on October 8th.  Tickets go on sale October 15th at 8:00 pm KST, and can be purchased at Interpark.  Concert info below:

Show information:

-Show name: Park Hyo-Shin 15th anniversary live tour-HAPPY TOGETHER- 

-Show date: 2014-12-13 (SAT) 7PM/December 14th, 2014 (Sun) 6PM 

-Show where: Olympic Park gymnastics Stadium 

-Ticket price: VVIP seats, 143, 000won ($132.82 USD) / VIP seats to 132, 000 ($122.60 USD) / R seat 121, 000 $112.38 USD)/ 

-Ticket price: S seats 99,000 KRW ($91.95 USD) / A, 77, 000won ($71.52 USD) / B seats 55, 000won ($51.08 USD)

—MPAA Rating: watch only 7 yrs (preschooler allowed) 

"No matter what comes up 
We’ll be happy together. “ 

flowers2633 said: Hello! How do I connect with SoulTree USA???? I am such a fan of PHS and I want to see more of him everywhere. I can't even buy memorabilia of this amazing man!! I am buying up his CD's as fast as I can as I have only just discovered him. But that voice! I want to become part of this fan club please!! If there is in fact a SoulTree USA please let me know!!

You have already connected with Soultree USA by sending this happily received ask!  (I see that you have also found the online fan club and are now a registered member – Welcome to the Club!)  

I’ll be honest with you, when I originally launched Soultree USA (formerly known as Only Hyo Shin USA), I had no intention of making it a fan club – I just wanted to tell everyone everywhere about this amazing artist and entertainer named Park Hyo Shin.  I did not know if there were other fans in the U.S., but since I couldn’t find much of anything (websites, blogs, not even much on Facebook), I figured I might as well put something out there.  The site Only Hyo Shin USA was launched on February 1, 2011.  The name was changed to Soultree USA on June 24, 2012 (you can read more about that here).  Since the original launch date, Soultree USA has received a very positive response from followers of the blog, twitter, etc.  I could have just left it at that, but I guess I really wanted to see a place where fans, particularly fans in the U.S. could find and hang out with each other.  The United States of America is a HUGE country, and frankly, finding a Stateside Soultree can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack if you don’t live anywhere near any Korean communities, or just don’t know any Koreans who live in your area. 

The Fan Club was launched on February 1, 2014, and has recently undergone a physical overhaul –the look has been updated, and the format has been changed to what I believe to be a more user-friendly and member-engaging social network format.  (Technically, the previous format was a social network, but it was not nearly as user-friendly.)  The new format includes a status bar and newsfeed similar to Facebook which allows members to update their status, or post videos or images without having to click several drop down menus and other annoying things like that.  There is also a chat room where people can watch a YouTube video all at the same time, listen to music on SoundCloud, or video chat with each other.  Other features include the ability to create groups, events, forum topics, and personal blog posts.  It’s all very straight-forward and easy.  Just sign up, look up users, friend some people.  Heck, friend everybody, they’re all Soultrees! {^_^}

You folks might be wondering why I did not launch this thing on Facebook, a ready-made social network that already has gazillions of members, Soultrees included.  Mostly, it’s because of the ads (Soultree USA is, and has always been, ad-free), but also because of the busy-ness of the screen.  Google+ is a whole other story (all those circles run circles around my brain; doesn’t Google know that a circular way of reasoning is a bad thing? Heh, heh…{^?^} ), and a forum that is only a forum can sometimes be too rigid and limiting with topical categories (what if you put your video in the wrong category? a moderator has to move it and notify you and, etc, etc).  I wanted to create a space where Park Hyo Shin fans could freely post whatever they want without:

1) seeing ads;

2) seeing recommendations of who they should follow or might know or whatev;

3) having to worry about whether the post is in the right category; and

4) getting lost in a sea of lists, sponsored posts (read: Ads), game notifications and other random stuff to distract from the subject of Park Hyo Shin. 

(I have tons more I could say about ads ‘n junk on social networks, but I’ll save that tangent for some other random conversation ^.^)

So what I really want to know is, what do the fans want to see happen with this fan club?  Tell me where you want to see this club go.  Chances are, the rest of us are already on the same page as you.  We are still unofficial, and judging by the somewhat…internal…nature of the official Soultree Fan Club, I expect that we will remain as such in the near future.  But why should that stop us?  We are fans of Park Hyo Shin, and we simply can’t be stopped, because once you’ve heard his voice, there’s no turning back.  Peace and

~~~Hyo Shin Love!~~~


I just watched Park Hyo Shin’s mv for Wildflower about 10 times…. His voice is amazing and I don’t what to do now. I’m a horrible fan I haven’t kept up with his activities lately, but that song is just AMAZING!!!!

Fear not dear fan! You can just follow this blog. ^_^  Peace and 

~~~Hyo Shin Love!~~~

Via Even if I leave you, I'm still by your side

My new favorite pic of Park Hyo Shin.



박효신. Park Hyo Shin

hongabingabong said: can I just say that I have trouble sleeping at night because I'm too busy stalking your blog?

I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble sleeping, but if it helps, I am also usually up very late at night writing this blog because I just can’t seem to stop myself from talking about PHS. ^_^

So, please, stalk on!

~~~Hyo Shin Love!~~~

Anonymous said: Hi, I'm wondering if you know if Park Hyo Shin officially released his cover of Crystal Kay's "Kiss"? I liked how he covered this song but the youtube video was removed a long time ago. Thank you in advance.

I am not aware of an official release of this song by Park Hyo Shin.  *Sigh*  Alas, I have never seen this video! T_T Crystal Kay’s “Kiss” is a great song, and to hear PHS sing it would be amazing, I’m sure! Rivers of tears over here… Perhaps if you can give me more of an idea of when Park Hyo Shin covered this song I can do some more checking for you. Also, was the video you saw a fancam, or a recording of a live broadcast TV show?

Also, if anyone out there viewing this post has any info about this cover or video, please drop me a line.  Your generosity will be much appreciated! 

~~~Hyo Shin Love!~~~

aliveatdusk said: Hello again! I'm here with another question. Do you know of any good shows/interviews with English subs that PHS has been on? After all these years, I know nothing about him, only his voice and his music, but it would be nice to know more. Thank you!

There’s really not much available online that has been English-subbed.  Park Hyo Shin’s Planet has done a lot of work in that regard, however.  Here is a link to check them out.  Some videos are available for download, but if you don’t want to take the time to download, you can just click the “Watch” button to see the video.  I’m sure you will learn some interesting things about Hyo Shin.  If I find any other videos floating around out there, I’ll post the info on the blog.  

Thanks for your question!

~~~Hyo Shin Love!~~~

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